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Living a Life of Purity & Purpose Before the Lord


Our Story

On Sunday September 18, 2011, our church leadership gave every member a gold envelope containing a $50 bill and a challenge…”Put your trust in God and put your seed money to work. In 2 ½ months bring your envelope back with the seed money and all the increase from it.” We were encouraged to be creative, think outside the box, and use the $50 “seed” as start-up funds for our idea. I remember walking to the alter to select my envelope. As soon as I returned to my seat I wrote; 3 John 1:2 on the front of it, truly believing that God would prosper me in all things. But one month into the challenge I felt everything but prosperous. I had nothing…zip, zero, nada, the big goose egg, NO ideas! I began to pray and ask God for help, then suddenly a thought came to my mind to review the notes I took during service. I grabbed my journal, turned to the page dated 9/18, and found one single sentence…God will use your gifts to bring increase. As soon as I read that I said out loud, “But God, all I can do is teach girls!” I honestly felt defeated in that moment, like what I had to offer wasn’t good enough. I ended my prayer by saying, “Lord, if You can use my gifts please do.”

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