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Beautiful You is a ministry designed to support and strengthen the critical relationship between Mother and Daughter! Every young woman will be equipped and encouraged to live a life of PURITY & PURPOSE before the Lord.

Registration & Table Reservation is required, seating is limited, RSVP today! 

For just $25, your table is reserved and you will also receive access to event, gift journal, drinks/desserts & a special gift for your daughter. $10 for every additional daughter attending the same event.

Please join us with your daughter on the appropriate 2020 date and time below:

  • Sat, Apr 25
    ITLM Baltimore
    Tweens (Ages 10-14)
    We will cover a lot of ground in this session. In my opinion, our tweens are the most vulnerable and sadly many have confessed this was a time of “first experiences” for them. My goal is to help our tweens set strong goals & healthy boundaries BEFORE entering high school.
  • Sat, Apr 25
    ITLM Baltimore
    Girls (Ages 7-10)
    In this age group, sexual intimacy will be mentioned briefly during our final session. It will be described as a wedding gift given by God to married couples. This conversation will be kept "G" rated and God honoring!
  • Fri, Apr 24
    ITLM Baltimore
    Teens (13-18)
    This group will hear the REAL DEAL about the dangers & consequences of sexual immorality. If your daughter is younger than the recommended age, but you feel she needs to hear this message, PLEASE come! We firmly believe that YOU know what your daughter needs best.

Girls Curriculum


(Ages 7-10)

Understanding Your Body

  • What in the world is happening to my body?

  • Do I really have to wear this uncomfortable bra? 


Importance of Body Cleanliness and Care

  • Do I really have to shower every day?

  • B.O...The truth about body odor!

Preparing For Your Menstrual

  • What is a period & Why do I have one? 

Boy Crazy

  • Appropriate behavior towards boys

  • Why "playground dating" is a bad idea

God's BEST For You

  • God's gift of purity

  • Protecting your gift

Tweens Curriculum


(Ages 10-14)

The Power of Vision – Based on Proverbs 29:18

  •  My personal story of losing vision and nearly losing my life​​


Understanding Your Body & Your Menstrual

  • How to handle & manage your cycle

  • The best care for your growing body

Truth or Dare

  • A picture is worth a thousand words…wisdom in using electronic devices

  • Smoking, drinking, drugs…resisting peer pressure in today’s world

  • Why the choices you make today are so important

Boys, Dating & Sex

  • Setting healthy boundaries 

  • Stylish vs. Sleazy…What you wear matters 

  • The dangers of sexual immorality

God's BEST For You

  • Your purity is a gift

  • Protecting your purity

  • Saving yourself for marriage

Teens Curriculum


(Ages 13-18)

The Personal Testimony of Janet Pearson

  •  Sexual & Social immorality  

  • School expulsion 

  • 15 and pregnant


Guys & Dating

  • More importantly then when is who

  • Why should I care if my parents don’t like him?

  • Does he really have to be a Christian?​

God's BEST For You

  • Why should I wait?

  • Marriage & motherhood

  • Leaving a legacy that matters

What Guys Really Think About Sex

  • A candid interview with Mike Pearson who will break the “male code of silence!”


**If your daughter is younger than the recommended age, but you feel she needs to hear this message, PLEASE come! We firmly believe that YOU know what your daughter needs best.**

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